Tuesday, 7 August 2012

So-No-Knee Vita news

Not been a lot of Vita news over the last few weeks and that's for a good reason. I knelt on mine and cracked the screen. A valuable lesson learned there. If you are going to take the Vita to the Little Gamers bedtime, don't leave it on the floor of their dark room and then try to get up. The crunch as my knee connected with the screen made feel sick.

One phone call to Sony and I was informed that it would cost me £144 to replace the unit as it was not covered under warranty. So three weeks later of selling games and dvd's and I should hopefully be getting a new Vita through my door in the next few days.

So what have I missed during my time away from Vita-land? Well to be honest, not a lot at all. Sony announced how much money they had lost this year and that included a staggering $45 million loss in the gaming division alone. Doesn't bode well for the Vita does it? The internet vultures are flocking overhead ready to read the Vita its last rites.

So, how about some good news for all those Vita owners who love the best piece of handheld gaming ever?Well, the PSN summer sale is on now and there are some great bargains to be had in the PSP section, including all of the PSP GTA titles down to just £4 each.

The much anticipated 1.8 firmware is due before the end of summer and that means one thing... Playstation One compatibility! The possibilty of playing Final Fantasy VII or Tomb Raider again is something I really am looking forward too.

Then, there is the upcoming shows at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show. Hopefully, Sony will be giving all of its Vita fans some good news regarding new titles and upcoming releases.

Finally, August should hopefully see the next batch of Vita titles launched. Fingers crossed, we may see the release of such titles like New Little Kings Story and Jet Set Radio HD. September will see the release of Little Big Planet Vita and the mighty Fifa 13. Then Assassins Creed III: Liberation, Street Fighter X Tekken and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale all arrive in October.

Will the Vita survive in the long run? -  who knows. All I know is the next 6 months look like a lot of fun.

That is if I ever get my Vita back from repair!

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