Monday, 13 August 2012

Sleeping Dogs - HONG KONG WOWIE!

Before the Little Gamer turned up, I used to be a massive film buff. I was particularly fond of Asian action movies. As this brand of high velocity gunplay, kung fu and violence doesn't sit well with my wife and kids, I have not really watched any these films for about 5 years now.

Although the other week I treated myself and I watched The Raid: Redemption. What an amazing film and possibly one the best action films in years. Watching it though made me want to be able a videogame that was more like the octane-fuelled action films that come out of Asia.

Luck would have it, Sleeping Dogs is out this Friday and looks like it will fulfil all of my wishes. What once started out as True Crime: Hong Kong over at Activision, has resurfaced as Sleeping Dogs over at Square Enix. It is an open world crime thriller set in Hong Kong and features all the ingredients of action blockbuster. Awesome fight sequences - check, Hard boiled gunplay - check and high speed car chases - check.

You step into the life of Wei Shen, a deep undercover police officer trying to infiltrate one of the controlling Triad gangs. This leads you into the double life of trying to please your Triad bosses and also performing your role as a law enforcement officer. This kind of story is straight out of a John Woo film, well actually most John Woo films.

The game features a free flow combat system similar to Arkham City's and third person shooting in the Gears of War vein. If anything the game looks like a compilation of the best bits of the best games this generation and that is no way a bad thing. Sleeping Dogs looks like it could be at least as successful as the Just Cause franchise.

So roll on Friday and then head down to your local games emporium and check out this super dose of Hong Kong action.

Sleeping Dogs is available on Fri 17th August on (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC)

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