Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"Got any ID, Son?"

Hopefully, this is going to be heard in a lot more games shops from now on. As of Monday the BBFC 15 and 18 classifications are no longer for video games. The existing PEGI rating system has now been stepped up to become the rating scheme to be enforced by law. Of course, there are some changes and I thought I should take a minute to go through them for all the parents out there.

The PEGI ratings have been split into two groups Statutory and Advisory.

The Statutory group is enforced by law and any retailer caught selling any of these rated titles to under-age children will be prosecuted. The move to PEGI also brings in the new 12 rating as well. Your child will now be asked to provide proof of age if purchasing any video game with one of these age classifications.

The Advisory ratings stay the same as they did before. These ratings are there to provide families a guide to content, but are not legally binding. 

As with all of these schemes awareness is the only way it can work properly. So parents out there... this is important. If little Johnny wants you to buy him Call of War 10: Bloodbath Ops and you see the 18 PEGI rating plastered on the cover. Put the box back and tell help him pick more something more suitable for his age. It's for the best and you will be safe in the knowledge that the Daily Mail have one less thing to blame the state of the world on.

Now that has to be worthwhile!

Parents, you can get more info about Game ratings and gaming as a family at

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