Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (360) - Review

This Game is suitable for Little Gamers!

Batman, Batman, Batman! It seems everywhere I look these days all I see is Batman. This is great, as I love Batman! As the world goes crazy for the final part of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, the gaming world is also going crazy for the caped crusader in his latest adventure, with Lego! Having spent five weeks at the top of the UK charts Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is a massive success for the Lego franchise and WB Games.

Unlike Nolan's trilogy which depicts the tragic hero, or Rocksteady's Arkham series which clings to the darker side of the Batman. Lego Batman 2 captures the lighter side of The Caped Crusader.  Dare I say, the Seventies side of Batman.

Pop the disc and upon boot up you are greeted with a fly over of Lego Gotham and you are also introduced to one of the best things about Lego Batman... Danny Elfman's Score. Using the music from the classic Tim Burton Batman films is inspired as it immediately sets the tone for the whole game.

As the game opens you are immediately faced with the newest addition to the Lego universe - Mini Figures now talk! Gone are the days of cutscenes full of mumbles and gestures. Now that the characters can talk it really does another dimension to the game. The humour is also greatly improved by having the cast talk. I really enjoyed the relationship between Batman and Superman and the way Batman cannot stand him.
This is then brilliantly paralleled with Lex Luthor not really being able to tolerate The Joker and his wacky antics.

People who have played a Lego game before will have no problem jumping straight in. It's all about the studs and by that I mean the colourful Lego that acts as cash in the game. Batman and Robin fight their way through the early levels smashing scenery to gather studs and reassembling Lego puzzles to open new routes or switches. Instead, of the normal switching characters to utilise certain special powers, Batman and Robin have various different suits they can wear, which allow them to perform certain actions. Robin's Acrobat suit allows him to throw his staff in to wall sockets and then double jump and ascend great heights. Whilst Batman's Bat Suit gives him a sonar gun that can shatter glass and wings in order to glide from heights. Later on come the story missions. Superman becomes playable and he brings his own set of powers, including Heat Vision, Ice Breath, X-ray vision and of course flight.

The game is made up of 15 levels and unlike previous Lego titles which use a small hub to connect them up, Lego Batman 2 introduces and fully opens the world of Gotham City. Gotham is full of extra collectibles and studs to collect. There are also other villains to capture and add to your free play character list. The best part of the open world experience is the buildings of Gotham. Each one is a puzzle, which requires one of your heroes suits or powers to get to the top and unlock the Golden Brick.

Of course, no self respecting Super Hero is going to travel round the city using public transport. So the inclusion of all manners of Bat-vehicles is a welcome addition. There are Bat-mobiles, Bat-bikes, Bat-boat, Bat-wings and Bat-copters to name just a few.

As with all Lego games, completing the main game is only the beginning as the option to unlock and collect every bonus block, mini-figure and vehicle remaining is quite a challenge. During the free play modes you can team up with any of the captured villains and use them to unlock more secrets. I have even heard that there is a bonus level for those willing to unlock it.

Co-op remains in Lego Batman 2 and it means that all you gaming parents can sit down with your kids and play a game together that doesn't involve you throwing your body and limbs around dangerously close to your TV set.

Last year, I reviewed Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and I said that I could not wait to see the direction the Lego franchise would take next. Well, Lego Batman 2 is massive step in all the right directions. Now I cannot wait for the Christmas Lego game. Trip to Mordor anyone?

Verdict: 9 out of 10

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