Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Calling The Church of Hawk!

Years ago, in the good old days of my mid- twenties life was so much different to now. I had a my own flat and a new found freedom. I bought a GameCube and the rest was history. Many nights were spent crashed round mine after a night out playing various games, but then something happened that brought a small group of people together in worship.

That was Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3!

We became known as the Church of Hawk, spending hours and hours dedicating our lives long can you grind round the luggage carousel in the airport? Who can grind the the lava bucket? The biggest score, the biggest combo, the longest manual. All of these challenges were tackled by the brave few who entered into the CoH.

Then Jackass happened and Bam Margera turned a great franchise into some ridiculous sham and that was even before the whole plastic skateboard controller.

I miss those days of having 5 or 6 people trying to beat each others tricks and runs and often wish that those days could come back.

Well good news then becuase Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is out today on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.

Featuring, classic levels from the first two games and a promise of  THPS 3 levels coming as DLC. Time to get down to some old school skating action. Maybe even get the Church back together!

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