Tuesday, 12 June 2012

E3 part 2 - Sony gets it wrong!

Sony took to the stage the next day. I was excited as this is the first E3 for many years as a Sony console owner. As Sony's big gamble this year, surely the Vita would feature heavily in their presentation.


Whilst not completely ignored, The Vita was reduced two big game announcements and one of those was backed up with just a logo. Happily for this gamer, the other announcement was exactly what I wanted. More on the later...

The big games of their press conference were:

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

Sony's attempt to make a Sony branded version of Nintendo's highly successful Super Smash Bros series, was on show. With two new characters added to the roster. Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series and the Big Daddy from Bioshock. Seeing as the latter is from a multi-format title, it would appear that the fears that Sony do not have enough properties to make a decent sized roster. How many gaming characters from recent years are going to crop up in this title. More will be revealed as the year goes on.

PS3 and Vita versions were shown and cross-play between Vita and PS3 and looked amazing. Gameplay wise it ticks all the boxes. It is a Sony version of SSB. Let the Battle Royale commence soon!

Little Big Planet PS Vita

Sackboy is almost ready for his Vita d├ębut. Currently a select amount of gamers are tackling the beta. Sony showed a new trailer at E3, which focused more on the Single player story levels rather than the creative aspect of the game.

Having never played any of the Little Big Planet games and my love affair with the sandbox genre, I cannot wait to get on the big planet.

Beyond: Two Souls

David Cage's new game for PS3 was one of the major announcements for PlayStation 3. Quantic Studios continue to push the barriers of gaming with their latest title Beyond: Two Souls. Starring Hollywood's Ellen Page as the main protagonist, all I can say is watch the trailer below and be amazed.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog gave the PS3 Nathan Drake and the incredible Uncharted franchise. So when they announced that they were announced they were going to be working on a new title that did not feature Mr Drake. Alot of people were shocked.

The Last of Us and it looks like a I am Legend inpsired action game where you control Joel and his young companion Ellie through the streets of post apocalyptic city. Adventure is out of the window in this game. Survival is the main focus. Keeping both Joel and Ellie safe from the gangs of scavengers, whilst traversing the dangerous cityscape.

May have to finally invest in a PS3 this coming Holiday.

Sony PS One classics on Vita

Some good news for Vita owners was that after a new firmware upgrade, due during the summer. The PS Vita will start being compatible with PlayStation One games. Final Fantasy VII and Tomb Raider are part of the first batch of games to be released.

Assassins Creed 3: Liberation

Ubisoft announced a spin-off game from Assassins Creed 3. Liberation is set in New Orleans and features an all new assassin and its a girl! Following the exploits of Aveline, as she fights the templars across New Orleans. Reports from the show floor indicate that while this not the full AC console experience in terms of detail and view distance, but in every other aspect Ubisoft have nailed it on Sony's still young portable.

COD BLOPS Declassified

Sony were pleased to announce that this holiday season will see the release of the longest title name to try and fit on the tiny label of a Vita Game card...

Thats it by the way... No details, no footage, not even a screenshot. Here's hoping it is as good as we all hope it is.

Since, their Press Conference, Sony have admitted that they got it wrong and handled the Vita completely in the wrong way. There are 25 big titles on the way to the Vita by the end of the year and I am sure that I will not regret getting one so early on in its life span. With an Assassins Creed game headed to Vita this year, I am already a very happy gamer.

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