Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Minecraft - An Introduction by Fresh It Productions

So the world of Minecraft is unleashed to the Xbox masses today. So what is Minecraft what is it all about?

How do you you play it? What the hell is a creeper?

All these questions and more can be answered now, thanks to the guys over at Fresh It Productions. Fresh It are Alpster and Skillful_Kai, two young dudes who enjoy playing a ridiculous amount of video games and then talking about for all of you to enjoy.

Warning to any gaming parents: These chaps are what we would call YOUNG PEOPLE, so expect lots of language that we don't understand. Just nod your head and pretend you do, it will help look more relevant than you actually are.

Also, to the Little Gamers, these tutorials contain grown up words. Best go and watch CBeebies now.

Episode 1: Getting Started

Episode 2: Fundamentals

Episode 3: How to drown yourself

Episode 4: How to build a Knob Noob Tower

Episode 5: Spelunking Crafting Finding Diamond part 1 + 2

More episodes coming soon and you can check more gameplay videos from the guys over at Fresh It on their Youtube channel, here!

The Prototype 2 Walkthrough is really good viewing.

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