Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bank Holiday Gaming

You have to love a bit of bank holiday gaming. With the current drought and heatwave conditions we are facing at the moment, we here at Two Little Gamers HQ were faced with a weekend indoors. So what did we get up to, lets sum up.

Daddy Gamer: Top of the list was The Witcher. I am still trying to be a good boy and play through the first game before buying the new one. Although, having spent most of Saturday night waiting for a storm to summon a golem and not seeing even a spot of rain, I buckled and have installed The Witcher 2 onto the Xbox. God of War: Chains of Olympus has seen a bashing on the Vita. It is an incredible PSP title and well worth getting if your Vita is in need of some Kratos action (if you haven't already got Mortal Kombat). From what I hear the PSP follow up Ghost of Sparta is even better.

Lady BG: AS per usual the game of the  weekend has been Scribble Press on the iPad. She has spent most of weekend writing and drawing stories of her favorite things. Also, She has been play her Tangled LeapPad game and was really happy to unlock some new things for the creativity centre.

Little Boo: Has spent another weekend, using just the menu of her explorer. She is getting better at using it and she should be ready to play games soon.

The main game of the weekend has to be the classic "Let's bundle Daddy and knee drop him in his sensitives." Apparently, the Little Gamer's have upgraded to the new "No Holds Barred" edition which introduces the removal of all regard to the well being of the parent involved.

At least, I can retreat to the safety of the workplace today.

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