Friday, 25 May 2012

Back from the dead...(well man-flu)

Hi all, I am back! Spent the last few days suffering from a nasty throat infection. Luckily, I went to the Witcher Doctor and he gave me some great Payne-Killers. Yep, the only bonus about being ill is the comfort gaming. Although, following a broken ex-cop sink lower in to depression. Swigging on bottles of cheap whiskey and popping painkillers like candy, did actually make me feel better. That is because I was welcoming in an old gaming friend. Max Payne had been missing for 7 years. He is back with a vengeance.

Loving the single player, the action sequences are astounding. I have only made it halfway through the campaign as I am playing on Hard with free aim enabled and I am getting my ass kicked. It doesn't matter though because it is so so good. To me, it feels like good old Max under Remedy with a heavy dose of Rockstar's cinematic style and technical details.

Multiplayer is good fun as well and Rockstar have managed to make Bullet time work in multiplayer. I haven't delved to deep yet, but that fact that I delved is good sign for me as I hardly ever get into the multiplayer side of things.

I also broke my promise to not touch The Witcher 2 until I had finished the original on the PC. Well, I lasted two weeks before jumping back in to boots of the great Geralt. Still playing the prologue, but I have to say that CD Project Red have done a great job moving this to consoles, especially the combat system, which works better that that of the first game. The environments and visuals are breathtaking and I can see this becoming my favourite RPG of the year (sorry Shepard).

On top of my physical illnesses, I have also contracted a very late case of Notch-itis. I have never dabbled with Minecraft properly before. Well, now I have lost my life to the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. I am going to try and write a review of it as the Little Gamer are enjoying it as well. I never thought that building and awesome tower would become such an obsession. The construction is almost finished, but then I need to enter interior design mode. Don't ask me about Redstone's or Diamonds or even Iron. I haven't seen anything like that. I just need to finish that sodding tower!

Also, there is a slew of news that needs to be covered. So lets get cracking!

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