Monday, 23 April 2012

Rockstar release Max Payne 3 TV Spot

Rockstar are the masters of the trailer and this new Max Payne 3 is no exception. Beautiful in game visuals and hint of Tony Scott's Man on Fire set the scene for Max's death jaunt down to Rio. Guns, Bullets and Explosions all appear to feature heavily in the game. As well as looking rough as hell no matter how much hair you have on your head or face, for that matter too.

Once again, though it is the music that has captured my attention. Which has led me on a internet hunt to find out who is behind the music. So let me introduce to a Californian Noise Rock band (according to their Wiki page) called HEALTH. HEALTH have been described as having "artfully crafted noise and raw synth, haunting monotone vocals, and drum skills that are borderline insane".  They are writing the entire soundtrack for Max Payne 3 and it sounds like it will be a great score.

Only a month to go until we can hear it in action.

Find out more about HEALTH at their myspace page here
and on twitter @_HEALTH_

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