Monday, 30 April 2012

Mort-able Kombat

Last year saw Mortal Kombat returned to home consoles after spending some years in franchise wilderness. An uncomfortable transition to 3D and a poor crossover with the DC universe, left the once great gory fighter struggling to keep its fan base. No one expected that Mortal Kombat could compete again with big boys of the fighting world.

Against the odds though Mortal Kombat proved everyone wrong. The new reboot brought everything that the made the game so successful in the past and a slew of new features. The main event was an all new story mode that retold the previous  Mortal Kombat tournaments. Also, a Challenge tower and a Graveyard full of unlock able extras. Mortal Kombat did the one thing that Eastern fighters seem to lack, single player content. Multi-player didn't suffer for it though and the online experience proved to be every bit as engaging as the offline one.

This week, Scorpion and pals go portable on PS Vita. The full home console experience plus all of extra characters from DLC (including Freddy Kruger). Exclusive new features include an appearance from the God of War, Kratos. New challenge tower levels, touch screen fatalities and x-ray moves. Expect lots of touch screen based slicing and dicing, six axis balancing and Wiping blood action.

The Vita version stands to be the ultimate version of Mortal Kombat and should keep Fighting fans busy whether they are offline or online. We will bringing you more of Mortal Kombat throughout the week.

Mortal Kombat is released in stores and on PlayStation Store on Friday 4th May.

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