Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We are back!

After a period of severe real life served with a fresh slice of turning 38. I am back to tackle all the gaming news, reviews and views that I can. The last month has been a whirlwind, I got a PS Vita and loved it. I watched in dismay as the Game empire crumbled before my eyes. Mass Effect 3 arrived and took even longer for my copy to arrive, as my birthday was the week after launch and the Royal Mail did get it to me for my birthday. By the time I got my copy, everyone had finished the damn game as was busy trolling the internet about how unhappy they were with the ending.

Ending? I will be lucky to see the ending this side if Christmas at this rate! By which time I am sure I will be more relieved to of finished it  than moan about how the whatever didn't do this with that and that Shepard is actually whatever.

The sad reason about my birthday was that I did not get any of the games on my list on my actual birthday. Play and Amazon had failed to deliver on time. This made it apparent to me why losing Game and Gamestation would be a huge blow to the gaming community. Yes, we would survive with on-line retailers and supermarket purchases. Take a moment to think of Christmas and Birthdays where you are expecting your family to get games for you. When they are forced into using on-line retailers, are they going to order it in time. I am sure a lot of families walk into Game the day before and just buy it. I really really hope that Game can be saved from the administrators and despite what people may think of them, they would be sorely missed.

It has taken me at least three weeks to write one article about the PS Vita. The main reason for this is simple. I can't stop playing with the damn thing. It makes writing about it a very difficult proposal. I constantly find myself  quickly having a quick game of something to stir the creative juices and end up 2 hours later realising that I an now tired to write anything at all.

Needless to say, I love my Vita. It is fair to say though that I have been spending a lot of time in the company of Commander Shepard. I had to finish off the last Mass Effect 2 DLC before Mass Effect 3 launched. There is also the small undertaking of a complete Evil Femshep play through right from the beginning of Mass Effect 1. Now that I have the final chapter I will be dedicating some time to saving the universe one final time.

So lots more to come on the horizon. I promise more updates soon,

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