Monday, 26 March 2012

Mass Effect 3 - The Beige Side

Whilst the rest of the gaming world bangs on about the controversial ending to Bioware's Space Opus, some of us (namely me) are still 5 hours into their first play-through. It has been a journey I never expected to take.

After witnessing first hand the invasion of earth and the destruction caused by the Reapers, including the death of a small boy who apparently haunts my Alan Wake-esque dreams. I have taken my rag tag crew to Mars to rescue the key to defeating the Reapers from the hands of Cerberus. After escaping Mars as the Reapers arrived, I have head to the last beacon of hope in the galaxy, the Citadel.

I have now spent the last two or three hours of my game trying to raise support and allies to aid the Human race in the battle with the Reapers... by running errands and performing favours for Diplomats. It is actually how these things work in real life and it has been realised wonderfully by Bioware. I am a glorified civil servant in space. My Cmdr. Shepard is almost at the point of hanging up his assault rifle for a clipboard and stapler.

Yet, I am still enjoying this, which I think says a lot about me. I hope that future Mass Effect games can pay more attention to the wonders of the bureaucratic process . Maybe a motion controlled record filing game?

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