Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Assassin's Creed III - Debut Trailer

There has been lots of speculation where the next Assassin's Creed would take place... Revolutionary France, Victorian England and even suggestions that it would just be a modern fay setting entirely.

Well the wait is over, as Ubisoft revealed last night with the first details and Debut trailer for Assassin's Creed III. It is set in during the American Revolution. By the looks of it, us Brits are the bad guys and certainly seem to be paying for it in the trailer.

This new assassin (called Ratohnaké:ton, or Connor) favours a tomahawk and looks quite handy with it too. His father was an English colonist and his mother a Native American. i can already see how this could place Conner right in the middle of the English and Colonial forces. How the Templars fit in to the scenario though I am not quite sure. I assume they will be behind the English forces and Connor will fight alongside the Colonists.

The trailer focuses on two major elements of the new game. First, the frontier. A vast area of countryside and forest larger than the map of AC:Revelations. Second, battlefields. The new engine behind AC3 is reported to be able to handle large numbers of enemies. Rumours even indicate fights with a thousand enemies involved. Will it be more Dynasty Warriors or Total War? Lets hope it is something new and exciting.

More details as they come out. Looking good though for the October 31st.

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