Wednesday, 22 February 2012

To trade or not to trade?

I have something I have lived with for many years. A Darkness, some would say. I can hear them in head whispering to me all the time. Sometimes they are quiet, sometimes they scream so loud I can hardly think. I am here today to tell you all the truth.

I am cursed with Tech-Demons!

Any shiny new technology that comes out and the demons awake.

"Buy it, buy it, it muuust be ours!" like some twisted technology obsessed Gollum. If I resist it tricks me into thinking I can get it other ways. I spend hours looking at trade in sites and eBay. Working out what is worth the most. Once done, I leave it a few hours and then check again to see if the prices have changed. It is as if I hope to input the items I want to trade in to the site in a certain order it will open some special super trade in value that I had not noticed before. YouTube does not help... just able to view videos of other people opening their new shiny product only makes the demons more determined.

They can be bargained with though. A quick video game purchase is enough to distract them for a day or two, but they will be back. Last year, I managed to distract them long enough from buying a 3DS on launch day. How, you ask? By buying a new 28" monitor for my gaming corner! Demons 1 - Me 0. Then after four months on the shelf, they tricked me back into buying one by using the damn Ocarina of Time against me.

So now the demons are here again. Having spent the last six months in a state on disinterest about anything PS Vita related, it has happened again. I WANT ONE NOW!! I have put all my 3DS gear in CEX site several times to see how much I can raise. I have been looking at the technical specs for the Vita and getting excited about things like 5"OLED Multi-Touch Screen, Dual Analog Sticks and Rear Touch Pad.

YouTube once again is damning me with enticing videos of people removing brand new consoles from their cardboard vaults.

Gameplay footage taunts me, making the me eye online retailers websites.

Features like Social Networking built in and play PS3 games via Remote Play ring out in my mind. The Tech-Demons are doing a good job right now.

The funny thing is, I don't own a PS3 (yet) so I have no need of the Remote Play for gaming. How many more devices do I need to tweet from? My head reassures me that I could always get a 2nd hand PS3 and What if your forgot your phone and tablet and needed to get on twitter or Facebook to save someone's life. It is a pretty good case, don't you think?

Yet here I am past midnight on PS Vita launch night, slowly packing up Games and manuals, consoles and boxes. You know, just in case I happen to wander past a game store tomorrow.

I can't control my demons, but I hope that one day others can learn to control theirs. Don't let Tech-Demons ruin your life!

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