Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mass Effect 3 - It's all Kicking off!

After playing the simply amazing demo complete with its stirring opening attack on Earth, I thought I could not get more excited for March 9th. Then EA released the Take Earth Back teaser trailer, showing a young girl playing in a Sunflower field only to witness a Reaper ship landing in said field. Fade to black and announce the full trailer reveal on Sunday.

Sunday came and I watched  the destruction of the Reapers initial attack and loved the "Hell Yeah!" moment where Shepard and the Alliance come out of the destruction to Take Earth Back!

Then today the Cinematic version of the same Take Earth Back trailer came out with an extra minute of content to the already awesome trailer from Sunday. Featuring more footage from some of the earlier trailers cut nicely into the full trailer, it certainly makes Mass Effect 3 look like it is going to be very very special.

It all feels very... Halo though. Could EA be in danger of hype overload?

I very much doubt it!

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