Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kinect Sesame Street TV

When I asked for a Kinect this Christmas, I knew that really it would be more for the Little Gamers than me. BG loves running around Disneyland meeting her favourite characters and her recent discovery of a Disney Princess dancing game was just the icing on top of a very sweet cake.

LB the youngest gamer has not really seen anything that she can play. So hopefully today's announcement will change that. Microsoft have announced their new Kinect title today, aimed at kids.
Yep, Sesame Street TV is coming to your Xbox. According to the press release:

“Kinect Sesame Street TV” invites children into a two-way TV experience where they not only watch their favorite Sesame Street episodes, but interact with beloved characters including Big Bird, Grover, Oscar and more. The magic of Kinect for Xbox 360 transforms passive viewing to active participation, encouraging children to use their gestures, voices and bodies to interact with educational content on the screen. 

The episodes will include such activities as counting with Grover, learning letters with Cookie Monster and exploring Elmo’s World, which could be very scary for any passing adults. Also there will be access to thousands of classic clips from the Sesame Street archive. Let's hope that Ernie's Rubber Duckie song is in that list!

Kinect Sesame Street TV will be out late 2012.

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