Sunday, 29 January 2012

An open apology to my Xbox

Dear Xbox,

We have had some times over the years, haven't we? Burning lap times in Project Gotham, Saving the galaxy, twice, with the Mass Effect series, loving Fable, hating Fallout and becoming the Dark Knight are just a few of the ways we have bonded over. Yet there you are... sat in my living room since Boxing Day and sporting a thin layer of dust on top of you. What has happened to us. Well it is simple as this...

I have been seeing another platform.

I am sorry! I know that things looked good at Christmas with the addition of a Kinect add-on to bring your brand of gaming pleasure to my whole family. The Two Little Gamers love your motion fuelled virtual Disneyland (and saved me an expensive holiday for a couple of years). I know that the Battlefield 3 disc has sat in your disc tray unplayed since I installed it on Xmas day.

But this platform is an old flame and this time she has enticed me back stronger than ever. You see I have become a PC GAMER! More importantly I have gone back to a genre I never thought I would return to. I have gone back to the MMORPG and I LOVE IT!

The game in question of course is Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic. I cannot stop playing. After the weekend beta last year changed my mind about whether I would ever play a MMORPG again. It went straight onto my Christmas list. Since Boxing Day it has been the only game I though about playing. Whether I am purging the galaxy of my masters' enemies as my Sith Marauder. Or raining missile based destruction with my bounty hunter. The gameplay keeps me coming back for more, night after night.

I can see Star Wars: The Old Republic not only being a large part of my gaming year, but also shaping the way I play games this year. This could be the year I return to PC gaming.

I won't whitter on about game mechanics, PvP tactics or RNG loots drops. What I will say here is this game is the perfect blend of World of Warcraft, Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic. I mentioned this in my Beta Weekend article, but to play a MMO where your character has a storyline in which they can interact is incredible. You do not feel like you are missing out because you are not in a party. SWTOR could be called a single player massively multiplayer online RPG, with an really great drop in - drop out party mechanic.

I am sure that there will be more tales of the Old Republic coming soon...

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