Wednesday, 7 December 2011

3DS Firmware update - OUT NOW!

Wow! Its been quite a week for Console updates. Today, Nintendo have launched their eagerly awaited  Autumn Update, which is chock full of new and expanded features. Here are the details:

3D Video Recording - Yes, finally the long awaited 3D video recording update is here. It will allow you to record 10 minutes of video.

Mii Plaza updates - The Plaza has been updated with a simple achievement system, called "Accomplishments". These are collect for things like meeting 100 Mii's or receiving a greeting. These are just for the Mii Plaza there are no game awards.

Streetpass Puzzle - Has been updated with new puzzles and updated visuals. Puzzles are 24 pieces large and 4 of those can only be collect via Streetpass.

Streetpass Quest 2 - There is a sequel to with a larger quest and 57 more hats to collect. You can now use coins to hire previous Streetpass heroes. Although, you will not be able to play the new quest unless you have already gone through the original quest at least twice (which includes me). Looks like I need to some more walking to get my coin up.

E-shop update - Improved accessibility and the store will now also offer Demo's (none yet available). Also you can now link your Club Nintendo account to your E-shop, hopefully to provide benefits and discounts maybe.

My 3DS has just finished installing the update and I cannot wait to play around with it.

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