Wednesday, 2 November 2011

GTA V: Trailer Showdown

Rockstar are the masters of many things in gaming today. One of these is the teaser trailer. GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire have all had amazing trailers. Each released trailer slowly shows us more and more of the world and characters on offer.

Look at the trailer for GTA IV all those years ago...

The voice-over starts the tale of the protagonist and immediately draws you in. The visuals all show sweeping shots of the environments and world effects to show off what new additions they have made. Now look today's trailer...

Same formula, same results. Solid gold. As I watched this trailer for the first time I felt the same anticipation as when I watched the teaser for GTA IV.

The internet is already de-constructing the GTA V trailer and the rumours are flying...

- Is it Los Santos or all of San Andreas? (It certainly looks like most of the San Andreas area)
- Is that CJ at 1:02? (Could Tommy and CJ from the previous games be making a return?)
- Is the customisation of the last game coming back? (The muscle beach could suggest the return)
- Is that a hiking mini game? (Here's hoping!)

I am sure these questions and many will be answered over the next few months. The main question for me though is.

When is it out?

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