Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Early Days

He slowly came to, eyes stinging at harsh light around him. He was in a cart with three other men. They started arguing about who is to blame for their capture. That is when he realised his hands were bound. Unsure of his fate, the man looked at the town ahead. He recognised it as the town of Helgen.

Once the cart had stopped he was ordered to get out and report to the line up. A cowardly man next to him fled and was brought down by two Imperial Arrows. Then the Imperial officer turned to him and asked. "Who are you?"

"I am Skagul the Nord" he said strongly.

Skagul was lead to another line up, where an executioner waited patiently. His large axe gleamed with the blood of its previous customers. Skagul was forced down onto the chopping block; he turned his head to stare at the executioners eyes.  Instead he saw the sun blocked out by a large set of wings. The dragon landed on the watchtower behind him and roared. The sky turned black and fire rained down from the skies. Skagul saw his chance and ran to through the village avoiding both the dragon's attacks and his Imperial captors. A fellow Nord led him to Helgen Keep.

He cut Skagul's binds and gave him armour and a weapon. "Follow me!" he barked and the pair set off through the ruins of keep. The occasional Imperial troop ran into their path and was despatched quickly. Deeper into caverns below the Keep and through a Frostbite Spiders nest and finally lead them to daylight and freedom.

The stranger told Skagul of some help that could be found in the nearby town of Riverwood and then they parted ways. Skagul looked across at the mountains in front of him. The Dragon that had destroyed Helgen could be seen in the distance. If the Dragons had returned to Skyrim, then the people of Whiterun need to know. Could he make it in time to warn them? Could he stand against a Dragon? Whilst on the run from the Imperials, as well?

Then a rabbit dashed in front of him.

"Cool, let's see where it's going." Skagul chased after the rabbit which headed down towards the river bank.

"Wow, the water is amazing! the salmon are jumping up stream!" Skagul jumped into the river and caught a few salmon. Skagul spent several hours not worrying about the impending destruction of Skyrim from the re-emergence of Dragons after several hundreds years. Instead, he roamed the land happily picking up cabbages and wondering how many would he need to fill up a house?

Some people have too much time...

Yes, for the last week, Skyrim has got it hooks in me and I have been walking, talking, sleeping Skyrim. Although, at first it didn't. After the initial adventure of escaping Helgen from the burning fury of an enraged Dragon. I found myself in the countryside wandering down the road to a village where I was told that I need to go to another village to tell them the same thing. I was worried that I was not going to get into it, which was the case for Fallout 3.

Thankfully the Jarl of Whiterun sent me headlong into a series of quests and dungeons full of the undead, bandits and a band of werewolves (who I think I now work for? gulp!). Needless to say, my initial fears were not necessary. I love this game so much that I am playing two characters on different platforms. The opportunity for adventure and storytelling is incredible.

More from Skagul the Nord to come in the future.

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