Friday, 7 October 2011

What a week!

Another week has flown by and the life here in Two Little Gamers HQ has been a whirlwind of  business and drama. The little gamers have been causing rampant destruction by slowly driving their Mummy slowly mad. We have also had the wonderful task of sorting out our loft of baby equipment, toys and clothes (mainly my wife, but I was there too). Then, cleaning, sorting, labelling and packing them all off to the local NCT baby sale .
On top of that I managed to turn into a clumsy oaf and managed to break not only the Sandwich toaster (Our quick meal lifeline) but also, I managed to shatter the Glass Dome of the Nigella Lawson Cake/Cheese Dome that we got as a wedding present and my wife's pride and joy. After a week of destruction and mess and sorting, this lead her to explode in to poetry?

Here is a excerpt:


Kids, I just love you so much, 
But if there's one thing that winds me up, 
It's when you think you're so grown up,
That you can touch my stuff!

My phone, my keys, my camera too,
My make-up, jewellery and my shoes,
I know you're only four and two ,

Hubby, you're not exempt in this, 
You broke my best Nigella Dish
And just last week my IPad vanished 

You can read the rest of her amazing poem at her blog:
It is worth a look and her site is great as it features lots of pictures of her wonderful veggie cooking.

So with all this going on, gaming has taken a back seat. Although, I did try to squeeze as much time as I could into the Battlefield 3 beta over the weekend. My, oh my, it is a bit special! It is great on the Xbox, but even better on the PC. It runs like a dream on my quite average PC and I am now seriously considering getting Battlefield 3 on Xbox for the gamer points and on the PC for the multiplayer. I have not been able to see the Caspian Border map and experience 64 player mayhem, but I am happy with the Metro map on offer. It feels like a Call of Duty map but done with Battlefield flare (and destruction). Watch out CoD, you might not be number one for much longer.

The demo for Forza 4 came out last week and it is sat on my hard drive waiting for a decent blast. I had a quick go and I instantly thought the new lighting and detail made for a very realistic experience.The handling is sublime and I thought for a brief second that I could feel the slipstream of getting up close behind an opponent. I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into the demo soon. Although not too soon.

Tomorrow sees the release of RAGE. No, not my rage, but the glorious return of id software and their latest creation, Rage. Set in a post apocalyptic future you find yourself.... blah blah blah.... shooting things in the face in only the way id lets you. Not one for the little gamers! seriously!

Neither is Dark Souls, From Software's successor to PS3 exclusive Demon Souls. To be honest the whole thing terrifies me as wave upon wave of demons and monsters pound, smash and crush your character on their journey through hell. The game is meant to be tough, as with its predecessor and that may scare away the more casual gamer.

Finally, after Starfox disappointed and everything else cool on the 3DS is out in late November (Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3d Land). I need some 3DS fun and I may decide to find that in the arms of Fifa 12. I am not a huge football fan, but a portable 3D version of Fifa that I can jump in and jump out of really appeals to me. Plus I get the chance to teach the two little gamers about the amazing teams around us here in Hemel Hempstead, like... erm.. Manchester United!

Anyway signing off for now and happy gaming!

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