Monday, 17 October 2011

Welcome to Batman week

With only a few days left until the UK release of Batman: Arkham City, possibly the biggest game of the year! Two Little Gamers are embracing this by having our first ever Batman week. Lets kick things off with a purrfectly good reason to buy this game...

Meanwhile the reviews are starting to come in and they are looking impressive so far:

The Guardian - "Stands head and shoulders over its previous efforts. Despite facing stiffer competition than its predecessor, Batman: Arkham City is easily the best Batman video game of all time." 5 Stars

Digital Spy - "The richness of the world is helped by the fact that Arkham City is a stunning looking game. This is one of the most detailed, rich and vibrant open worlds ever created, whether you are gliding over its skyline or striding down the broken-down streets. Considering the size of the world, the rich detail of the interiors is incredible, putting many more linear games to shame." 5 Stars

Giant Bomb - "It might not rewrite the book on Batman video games, but when you're building off of such a strong position--and you're only shipping the second game with such similarities, rather than a third or fourth--it's hard to bicker too much about what changes the developers did or didn't make." 5 Stars

Gametrailers - "Arkham City feels like a logical extension of its predecessor, wholly embracing and expanding upon all the elements that made it great. It most certainly is the definitive Batman game, but to leave it there would be to damn it with faint praise. Simply put, if you admire painstakingly-realized worlds rich with secrets and game mechanics that never cease to surprise you, then you it to yourself to experience Arkham City. Your interest in the source material is irrelevant." 9.3 out of 10

Eurogamer - "It's a role-playing game in the most literal sense of the phrase, a game in which you're encouraged to give in to the fantasy, and to see what life is like when it's composed of rooftop brawls and zip-line getaways. Animations, traversal mechanics, takedowns: they're all building towards the same thing. In Arkham City, you become Batman." 9 out of 10

And if that wasn't enough Rocksteady have an announcement for UK fans today. It may be tied to this new website...

Stay tuned for more Bat-News tomorrow. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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