Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Batman Week: Who's Hugo?

When Rocksteady announced that they were working on a sequel to 2009's critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum, there was immediately a buzz on the Internet speculating which of Batman's adversaries would take the lead villian role. Would it be Penguin or Mr. Freeze? Seeing as The Riddler was heard but never seen in the original game, would it be his turn to be the big evil?

So when Rocksteady released that it would be in fact Hugo Strange, there were quite a few people who responded with.

"Hugo who?"

Professor Hugo Strange is one of the lesser known Batman villains, but his story and character are certainly up there with the best of them. He actually appeared in the comic books before Joker showed up and was also one of the first reoccurring villains in the Batman universe. Strange was usually was seen creating some device or formula to wreck havoc on Gotham and its citizens. Fog machines (to rob banks unnoticed), Zombie giants and Monster Men are just some of his creations.

His greatest achievement though came when he ran private hospital for Gotham City's wealthiest citizens, 
including one Mr Bruce Wayne. Wayne had checked in to heal discreetly from radiation burns he had suffered during an encounter with Doctor Phosphorus (Yes, really!). It was during this time where Strange was able to work out that Bruce Wayne was actually Batman. 

Strange has often targeted Bruce Wayne directly including attempts to weaken Bruce Wayne through the use of drugs and robots (Hey, it was the eighties!). Hugo also has the mastered the comic book art of faking your death. I think he is up to four apparent deaths including falling from a great height, caught in an exploding replica of Wayne Manor, Death by Mafia beating and  finally, two bullets to the chest and thrown in a river.

Putting Hugo Strange in charge of the city sized prison for the criminally insane in Arkham City, could very well see the Dark Knight having a very rough time. What does Strange want? and What is Protocol 10?

Find out on Friday....

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