Friday, 9 September 2011

The new 3DS slide pad. Is it the end of the Nintendo

So, Earlier in the week the rumour mill went in to overdrive about the possibility of a add-on to the 3DS that would add a second slide pad. Then on Wednesday Famitsu showed the world the first look at the add on.

The community went into a frenzy of Nintendo bashing, foretelling the end of the 3DS and this would cause the fall of Nintendo. I cannot believe that Nintendo honestly believe that this is acceptable to all those 3DS user out there. I mean what is next, controlling a console with a glove?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. So Nintendo gave us the ridiculous power glove, which spawned the even worse film, The Wizard. Somehow though, Nintendo did survive the launch of the Power Glove. At least they did not try to follow it up with some kind of robotic buddy add-on...
Nope, they did R.O.B. was released with one game and I believe that was it. Yet people bought it... and Nintendo survived. They even decided that a light gun add-on was not good enough and launched the Super Scope. A light rocket launcher!

Nintendo have always been at the forefront of insane design choices. Yet they always seem to get right... well, not right, but we all still buy into it eventually. It took several decades but we even bought into the Virtual Boy in the end.

At least, they haven't gone as far as this...

I mean honestly! Do you really need a back scratcher that links to your phone.

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