Thursday, 22 September 2011

Mr. Cliffy B - An apology

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about the big games of the season I couldn't get worked up about. I mentioned in this that Gears of War 3 had not grabbed me, mainly in part to the enthusiastic bravdo driven hype led by Cliffy B. I want to take it back. I picked up Gears of War 3 yesterday and during my brief time with it I am really really "Psyched" with it.

I only really got a chance to play with it a little bit last night. Mainly multiplayer versus mode on casual (because I suck). WOW! I am can see myself getting hooked to this. Hadn't had that much fun on Live since COD 4.

Gears 3 is still loud, brash and violent. Blood splatters every where, heads explode and when that is not going on the language can be just as harsh. Yet, in the options there is the settings to turn off the blood and gore and also turn off the strong language. It is nice to see not one but both of those options there.

I am sure that I will have more to say about Gears 3 after I have tackled the campaign mode. Until then, I have just had one of those small pleasures in gaming. Finding out a game you did not think you were going to like turns out to be the next game to take over your gaming habits.

Thanks Epic (and sorry Cliff)

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