Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Eurogamer Expo

I am going to the Eurogamer Expo on Sunday. I genuinely very excited about attending. Not only do I hope to boost my Street Pass hits finally, but also because it is the first computer show I have been to in almost twenty years. I believe the last time I went to such an event it was a PC show, where I saw Wing Commander III running for the first time and I got a MB hard drive for the bargain price of £160.
By the looks of the set-up photos and the map I saw on twitter. I think I am in for a big surprise on Sunday. It all looks very cool and modern and classy. That last show I went to (which actually was at Earl's Court) was more akin to flea market for PC components.
So what I am looking forward to on Sunday...

Batman: Arkham City - The chance to get my hands on the caped one is reason enough for me to go.

Assassins Creed: Revelations - Another dose of Ezio always goes down well.

Battlefield 3 - Waiting to see what this plays like on the Xbox. Hoping for great things.

Binary Domain - Really want a look at this new title for next year.

Dark Souls - Want to see if this is my cup of tea or not. Hoping it is, as it is in a couple of weeks.

Forza 4 - Just because I want to play a game with Jeremy Clarkson in! (really!)

Nintendo 3DS Line Up - To see if I have wasted my money or not.

Skyrim - To try and get excited about it.

Also, to hang out with a crowd of gamers and hopefully make some new pals! Any other Daddy gamers going? if you are I will see you there.

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