Friday, 2 September 2011

Dear Mr. Lucas...

I am a 37 year old man, who was lucky enough to grow up with the original Star Wars trilogy. It encapsulated my entire life. My social life was lead by talking Star Wars with kids I didn't know or by playing with the odd couple of Star Wars figures most lads had in their pockets most of the time. I was able to harness my imagination by using the back garden as my own personal Endor. Most importantly, those three films taught me right from wrong, good from evil. It taught me to live my life with a sense of honour and to put others before myself.

I have tried my best to live to these lessons. In recent years I have found that my understanding of spirtuality has more than passing nod to the teachings of the Force. I was looking forward to passing on this part of my life to my children, so that it could help them, as it helped me.

Then you decided to change the original trilogy with new effects from the digital age. The CG Falcon blasting out of Mos Eisley is still one of Favorite moments in cinema as an adult. I was happy for all the good changes that I was able to gloss over things like Greedo shooting first (as if!) and the extended Musical disaster sequence from Return of the Jedi.

Then, you gave us the Prequels. I did my best I defended you from all naysayers. I had explanations that could explain that Midiclorians where what people thought at that point in time, just as we once thought the world was flat. I convinced several people that The Phantom Menace was much better film if you watched Attack of the Clones directly after it, as you could see where sub plots where going better. Revenge of the Sith continued the with the oh so emo Anakin whining his way to the galactic ass-kicking that most of us had been waiting three films to see.

Then, the Clone Wars TV series, a show which only serves to show how bad the prequel films really are. The Clone Wars is what those Prequels should of been about. Not your feeble attempt at making the West Wing in Space.

Now though, with the eve of the Entire saga being released in high definition Blu Ray, I find I can no longer defend you.  Why did Jabba's Palace need a new CG door? Does anyone actually care if ewoks blink? What is it about Ben Kenobi's Krayt Dragon call that you have needed to change it again? Worst of all, why does Vader need to say anything before he turns on his master?

I was 9 years old, when my parents took me to see Return of the Jedi at the Odeon, Leicester Square. Even then Vader's silent sacrifice made perfect sense to me. You could tell from the imagery the choice he was making. It did not needed to be dumbed down. Why spend the last 10 years destroying everything you created in the previous 20 years?

Next year you are going to treat us to all six films in 3D. What monstrosities do you have planned for this. Chrome rims for the Falcon? CG Bow ties and Dresses to signify the difference between male and female ewoks? Maybe you should replace all of Luke's dialogue with a new voice over from Hayden, because if Vader and Luke have the same voice it will be easier for people to understand they are Father and Son.

So, finally... Thank you for taking something that defined my childhood and turning it to something I am embarrassed to show my own children.

Give us back our Trilogy... it really was very very good!

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