Monday, 19 September 2011

The Biggest Games of Winter.... that I can't get excited about.

So the crazy season is upon us. Each week until Christmas sees at least one or two big releases hit the shelves. During this time of gaming overload, every game has their wish list. I personally will not be happy until I have my copy of Batman: Arkham City in my hands. Though there are titles coming that lots of people very excited, that I just can't. I know I should be excited and feel like I should be but I am not. So here is my top winter games I should be more excited about but cannot give a hoot about.

1. Gears of War 3 - Xbox 360 - Epic Games

Cliffy B! The moment he chainsawed his way onto the E3 stage with his toy Lancer and started screaming at the crowd.... he lost me. Gears of War was great and I thought the advertising for it was smart. Yet it was reduced to whooping and hollering, essentially turning it (for me) into the the redneck of video games. I played Gears 2 and it didn't grab me. The multiplayer I found the most annoying experience in the world. Although that wasn't games fault, it was the people I always ended playing with.
So I can't get excited about Gears of War 3, sorry I know I should.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Multi - Bethseda Games

I loved Oblivion and more importantly, so did my wife. We spent time exploring the depths of Cyrodiil looking for adventure and taking in beautiful world. Then, there came Fallout 3. I found Fallout 3 to be one of the most depressing games I have ever played. I started playing it straight after completing Fable II and the stark bleak world was not one I enjoyed playing in. I have found in recent years that my tastes for films and gaming have changed since becoming a Dad. Fallout 3 was one of those times that I couldn't face playing the post apocalyptic game as my life was actually quite upbeat and happy. I think I had lost my inner Emo by then.
Anyway, Skyrim just doesnt grab me. I think I am to into the likes of Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma to rush out and get this. I watched 20 minutes of gameply the other day and I thought the interface was cool and that was it. What am I missing?

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This one is easy. Battlefield is the better game! Activision have single handedly destroyed some of the best franchises in recent years by adopting EA's old tactics of only selling what sells and make one game a year. Not only have franchises suffered but studios. The Infinity Ward mass walkout was one thing, but close down Bizarre Creations was the a sad, sad day. So just say no to Mr Kotick kids! (On another note: BF3 looks frakking amazing!)

4. Saints Row The Third
Saints Row was the first GTA inspired game on the 360. GTA IV was still 18 months away. It was great fun and the over the top nature of it was refreshing after playing the gritty San Andreas. Since Saints Row though things have changed in the open world genre. GTA IV was an epic crime story which was well told through it lead protagonists journey to redemption. Red Dead Redemption took it even further with the brilliant western epic story of one outlaws quest to live a normal life. More recently, L.A. Noire has taken the realism and story telling to great new heights. I know I have only mentioned Rockstar games, but they are the masters of this genre and rightly so.
What did Saints Row 2 throw in for the first sequel. UFO's, dressing up as a hot dog and a Porn Star as the female lead. Saints Row 3 offers more of the same but with a new Porn Star for adolescents to drool over. I have spent years trying to tell people that Video Gaming has grown up and is a art form comparable to film. Games like these destroy all that for me. I would like to see this franchise cancelled soon as it is embarrassing.

Now, reading that back to myself I sound like a video game snob. Maybe I am, but I am want to question why I feel like this to these certain games. I know that once I get Skyrim I am going to love it, but that will be on Christmas Day and not 11.11.11 (and not just because its my wife's Birthday). By writing this article now, it has made think that I should give Gears 2 another chance and I am looking for a cheap copy now. Morbid curiosity will probably take over and I will give Modern Warfare 3 a go... eventually. Right now in the middle of the hype, previews and advertising. I thought I would be more onboard.

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