Thursday, 25 August 2011

Two Little Gamers: The Scotland Tour 2011

Well, its been a hectic week again. My father was 70 and a had a big party. My father in law flew in from LA for the party. This meant a lot of running around and not a lot of actual gaming.

To round it all up, wife and I have packed up car to the roof and taken the Two Little Gamers on holiday to Scotland. So, I have brought the 3DS for some quality gaming time. Well, that was I bought Nintendogs + Cats for the girls and me to play. Now, every time I even open the 3DS all I hear is...

"Can I take Benji (my virtual Schnauser) for a walk?"
Or "Can I feed Benji?" from Lady BG and even...
"Dada... Woof woof?" From LB.

I got Link's Awakening from the reboot before leaving. I have started playing it and I love the way Nintendo have used the 3D capability to make the emulated Game Boy screen look recessed like the original console. I have even managed to get further into Prof Layton and the Curious Village. A break from work means that I have brain energy to tackle this twisted brain teaser.

Of course, being away this week means that I will miss the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This game, according to the reviews, the next big game. More importantly, it signals the end of the worst summer drought in recent years. Two Little Gamers shall try to deliver a very special first impressions tomorrow.

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