Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Is Gaming to blame for riots?

As the media, in their never ending quest for the truth, turn to Grand Theft Auto as the cause for spate of rioting across the UK. I personally cannot remember a rioting or looting section in those series of games (maybe they meant State of Emergency). This has got me thinking though. Perhaps it is the fault of gaming! What if you dig deeper...

Admittedly, as a father of two under 5's and avid gamer for 20 years, my brain is now so traumatised and desensitised that every day is a struggle to get through without succumbing to the need to burn the world to the ground. So my guess as to who is to blame, maybe discredited by the media's never ending supply of "experts".

So, Gaming and GTA could be to blame for the riots. Hmm, but what about COD:BLOPS or FIFA? I have noticed quite a few tweets from looters boasting about the hauls of TV's and PS3's. Could this be a backlash from the Sony PlayStation hacking debacle from earlier in the year?

Thousands of teenagers suddenly forced into the cold unfriendly world, because they were unable to get their daily dose of on-line COD:BLOPS or Fifa 11. The psychological damage caused by cutting these kids off from their virtual worlds, where they are kings and champions is huge. Enough to tip young people over the edge into a raging tsunami of destruction. Sony's own distribution centre has been targeted. So is this actually Sony's fault? or the hackers who caused this?

Had the hack on the PlayStation network not happened most of these teenagers would still be in a state of virtual comatose killing each other on-line. So the Hacking groups involved need to step up and be counted for their involvement in these horrendous events. So why did they do this? What is to be gained by hacking? Who even knows what hacking really is?

It is a well known fact that no-one knew what computer hacking was until the release of the 1983 film, WarGames. A film which in its plot dangerously links the act of hacking to videogames. The outcome of which is a teenage hacker initialising an all out global nuclear war by losing a game of computer chess. Surely now you can see who we all should be blaming for this.....

I blame Matthew Broderick!

Wait a minute though, Matthew Broderick is Ferris Bueller and Ferris cannot be blamed for anything.!!

So, then, in conclusion.... Stop blaming gaming for all of societys wrongs and failures. Blame the people who joined in the riots, it is them that caused this anyway.

Keep safe, people!

**This has been an exercise in that you can blame anything on anything if you think long enough.**

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