Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hello.. I am still here

It been almost a week since my last post. What has caused this sudden freeze in posting? Lost interest? Writers Block? Broken fingers?

Nope, none of the above, thankfully. The one thing that impedes the progress of any gaming Daddy... Work! Yep, I had a pig of a week last week and that means that my in-depth analysis of the incredible From Dust. Is three paragraphs in and slight less in-depth than I had hoped for.

So what can I do? The life of a Daddy gamer is constant juggle between work, family, housework and managing to squeeze in some gaming as well. So I thought I would try a rundown of what I am currently into and what i think so far...

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D - Every new console has the must have title that you buy the system to play. This is it for the 3DS. I have already praised this game for the way my eldest and I have been using this as interactive storybook. We have got as far as the Ice Cavern, after a short break to play Lego Pirates. The game is simply one of the best examples of game design. it never gets boring and whilst it should be repetitive, it never does. The story drives you on to the next challenge or dungeon. Introducing the world through the eyes of a child Link to make bonds with the characters, then shattering that world with the jump to adult Link.
Also, I am ashamed to say, as a gamer. This is the first time I have ever played OoT. Thanks Nintendo for the greatest game I should of played 12 years ago.

From Dust: - Another World creator Eric Chani has returned with this incredible God game. This title has been responsible for a lot of lost hours over the last few weeks. Also, one of the most calming gaming experiences I have had since Electroplankton. Beautiful sandbox, which seems to be missing just that... a sandbox mode. The Story mode is satisfying, the challenge mode is a nice addition, but where is the true muck around mode. Hopefully a future expansion can fix that omission.

Infinity Blade: - Due to a stroke of extreme jaminess, my wife won a iPad 2 last week. This means that I have had to "Set it up" for her (See: play with it). So, I picked up Epic Games first Unreal Engine 3 game on the iOS devices. Well on the iPad 2, it is gorgeous to look at. Plus the game is great to boot. Due to a clever design choice you and your descendants face off against the immortal God King to avenge the previous ancestors demise. Simple gameplay mechanics of dodging and striking make for some hairy moments and all running on Apple's wonder tablet. Looking forward to my fifth bloodline... think I can take the king down this time.

Last minute update:

Batman - Arkham Asylum: If the looters/rioters/idiots in London are getting you down. I suggest jumping into the armored boots of Mr Wayne's alter ego. Spent a lot time this evening ass kicking my way up and down Crime Alley.

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