Saturday, 27 August 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - First Impressions

After having to go through the usual dilemma of which version to buy. I finally decided to go with the standard edition (which itself is a limited edition). I decided I could live without a sleeve to make me look like I was wearing a stocking with a robot arm painted on it. So, I left the shop with my new purchase, when to my horror I realised...

I'm in Glasgow!

The Xbox is 400 miles away and I am not home until Tuesday.

So up until that time, I have the case and what a case it is.

Styled in the usual Xbox green the case it self is nothing new. The cover depicts the game's protaganist , Adam Jenson, walking through shards of exploding glass. Within these shards are images of characters and locations that will feature in the storyline. This builds up tension and the conspiracy aspect of the game. As Adam will try to piece the puzzle like gathering the shards of a broken mirror. Basically the cover oozes intrigue.

Of course, by now I assume that many of you are already deeply involved in Adam Jenson's life. Come Tuesday I hope to be too. In the meantime though, the cover is rather smart.

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