Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Catch up time

The last few days have been crazy. Naturally, the weekend kept me and the Two Little Gamers busy. Saturday saw a dash into town and a trade in to get Dead or Alive Dimensions for me and LadyBG (eldest), her first DS game, Cooking Mama.

I thought that it would be nice for her to have a game we could share and play together. Zelda is too tricky for at the moment (she is only 4 1/2) and I do not want her playing Tom Clancy games until she is at least 5 (joking).

What I did not take into account is by doing this, I have essentially given her my 3DS. So now I have to hide in the toilet (where else) to get a decent game on my own portable. The plus point is the she loves game, and she is getting good at it. BG loves to play the "I Can Cook" game on the CBeebies web. So Cooking Mama seemed like a natural progression.  Hopefully, I can persuade her into given a review of it later this week.

Whilst, LadyBG has been playing DS games, LB (my youngest, 2yrs) had a good old session this weekend with the Rock Band drum kit. She loves to smash the hell out of them. Though, I found out she does not like to be filmed whilst playing the drums. After several attempts to film her, all I got was a lump on the head from being battered with sticks to the sound of "Noooo" coming from LB.

This week should see me get some From Dust time and hopefully a review as well. LadyBG will hopefully have some comments about Cooking Mama as well.

Stay tuned, folks

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