Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Atmosphere - One of the dangers for the gaming parent.

Setting the right Atmosphere. Everyone who enjoys going to the cinema or has a good home cinema system knows that to enjoy the experience fully you need to dim the lights. It helps to fully immerse you with the action on screen.
The same applies to gaming, particularly with games that are heavy on the atmosphere. I have spent many nights in my younger days in complete darkness with just the glow of a monitor bouncing off my face (This may of been to laziness on my part to be honest). There is of course a danger to those who have under 5's.

So to set the scene. Having returned from a glorious holiday in Scotland and clutching my copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that I had purchased in Game, Glasgow. I set about installing it to the Xbox whilst the Two Little Gamers ate dinner and packed them off to bed.

Several hours later, I settled down to immerse myself in the Deus Ex experience. Dimming the lights in my gaming corner, so that I can fully enjoy it. I watched as the intro movie started to show me the first glimpse of Detroit 2025 and then...

"Wake up... Wake up! Its 2am. You can't sleep in that chair all night." 

My Wife shook me out of a deep sleep, controller still in hand. After spending four days looking at just the case and spending the first night of actually playing the game and only getting past the five minute opening cinematic. I believe I am on course for the slowest play-through of Deus Ex on the internet.

So parent gamers remember.... If you want your gaming to be deep, you may find your self asleep sleep sleep! 

(I may also of been watching too much Peppa Pig the last few days)

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