Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Released Tomorrow: From Dust

Due for release tomorrow on XBLA (sorry PC gamers, your version got pulled at the last minute until mid- August) is From Dust, the new game from Eric Chani, the man behind Another World. It is a modern day take on the God game genre made famous with games such as Populous and Black & White. From Dust focuses on nature as the basis for the tools you will need to help your tribe survive.

Gameplay seems to be focused on protecting your tribe of followers by diverting the course of nature away from their village or path. Using lava in the sea to create a rock wall to protect them from a tidal wave, that kind of thing. I am hoping that I can use this game to teach the two little gamers about the world and how it was made. Any excuse for a new game!

Watch the Developer Diary above for an insight into the game.

I will post my first impressions after grabbing this tomorrow.

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  1. Hey dude - nice blog. Dave has got one called Gadgetdaddy. Got Call of Juarez the Cartel and Red Faction Armageddon for my birthday on 360. Must say have been busy with non game stuff lately. Saw Judas Priest on sat at High Voltage festival, was really good. Good luck with the blog!
    Mike Tack



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