Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Order: 1886 - Chapter 1 - Always a Knight - Part 3

Welcome back! At the end of part 2, Galahad had corned the escapees in the London Underground. Although they had a surprise for him, the are Lycan (Werewolves to you and me). With two of them despatched, one is on the loose in London. Let the chase begin!

Hope you enjoyed the video, I guess I should fo warned you before that there was got to be a long unskippable cutscene. At least carries over in to the next video. Will Galahad find what he was looking for in the laboratory of Nikola Tesla? Will he pick something up and rotate it around for 5 minutes for no reason? Find out next time on Let's Play The Order: 1886.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Order: 1886 - Chapter 1 - Always a Knight - Part 2

Carrying on with my playthrough of PS4 Exclusive, The Order:1886, things are about to get messy in the opening chapter. With Bedlamites taking hostages and causing havoc. It is down to the Knights of The Order to hunt them down and stop them before they escape in the tunnels of the London Underground. Have The Order bitten off more than they can chew though?

Monday, 16 March 2015

The Order:1886 - Chapter 1: Always a Knight - Part 1

Welcome back to the next part of my play through for the Sony exclusive, The Order: 1886. In this part, we leap back a few months and follow Galahad as he patrols London, looking for Bedlamites, escapees from the local loony bin. It is the first chance to get to grips with games weapons and cover systems. Also it offers more than plenty looks at the gorgeous visuals on offer in the game. So take a look at the first part of Chapter 1 - Always a Knight...

Part 2 will be up later this week.

The Order: 1886 - Prologue - Once a Knight

Before I start, I know I haven't finished my Assassin's Creed Unity playthrough of Dead Kings.  Its coming,  but this apparently will not take long. The Order: 1886 is the latest Sony first party exclusive for the PlayStation 4 to get Gamers taking for all the wrong reasons.  Despite the games incredible visual quality,  the whole game can be completed in 6-8 hours according to reports. The question is,  holds that matter when your gaming time is limited?

GTA Online Heists - The Flecca Job

With the launch of the long awaited Heist update, last week, I like many others returned to the streets of Los Santos looking to scratch that criminal itch. This time for me though, I managed to bring some friends along for the ride. My long time buddy, Catseyez joined me as we ventured into the first heist, a simple grab job on a out of town bank.

Each heist comprises of several mission in a story arc. To start of with you need to case and plan the score. Then come the preparation tasks before finally taking on the heist. This start off heist is for 2 players only and serves as a tutorial. After meeting with Lester ( the heist mastermind from the main game.) he takes you to the Fleeca Bank out on the highway and helps you case the place. Then we needed to grab a armoured car from the local gangbangers and whilst I was the driver, the other player acts the hacker and the driller for the heist.

With everything in place we set off to do bad things...

Having spent almost 3 hours the week before doing the Vault of Glass in Destiny for the first time, I can safely say that I had more fun in the 45 minutes it took to rob a bank, than in all of Destiny's centre piece. Due to time constraints I havent been able to go further into the heists mode, but what I have touched has propelled GTA Online to the top of my mulitplayer games.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Little Gamers Update - Looking back at February

This month saw a lot of newness in my life and of it good. I have started to try my hand at YouTube Let's Play videos. Currently my series of Assassin's Creed Dead Kings videos has see me earn 7 cents.  The retirement plan is on hold for the foreseeable future.

February started with a huge surprise in the form of PlayStation Plus title, Yakuza 4 on PS3. This is my first experience of the Yakuza series and I have been blown away by it. Essentially, it is the spiritual successor of Shenmue, with a little bit of Streets of Rage thrown in for good measure. After spending a good hour trawling through the included story summary for Yakuza 1 to 3,  I was ready to enter Tokyo underworld.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

PlayStation Plus Update - March 2015

Typical! After days of waiting for an announcement about March 2015 PS Plus update, I go to the pub for a few hours and BAM! They announced the games coming to the instant game collection, tomorrow! That's right tomorrow. Sony have a track record of getting March's announcement out but this time it was really cutting it fine. So seeing as it is so late at night lets just get in to it.


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